Thursday, 30 July 2020

North Glen Homestead - Lughnasadh Blessings

Good Morning, 

I am human, with feelings that  allow me to be happy or sad. Yesterday I reached out to some fellow Pagans of Canada to find some non receptive to working together for the betterment of Canadian Pagan Fellowship.   

This hit me hard today, when a woman in Ontario said she was not comfortable with this.  Rather than hold on to the end of the stick in a place I would not like to be, I chose to thank her and move on. Yup, I did what I do best I went straight to  meditation. I sure did!

Tears or unset and anxiety are a choice. Aug 1 is my  34th anniversary with my spouse. Last year I  missed time together as he was out of town working and I attended Spirt Fest in Fruitvale BC. There was no way I was going to let anxiety from another human get to me.  For this woman, (Chanter) a warrior who knows those who understand and seek a better way for Pagans in Canada will come on board with Province to Province sharing. The law of attraction lessons teach not to let emotions get the best of me. 

I sat on the lawn outside under the bird feeder where I hear the chattering of my Buckley and his family and I smiled. In that moment I went to a happy place and self aligned with my inner being that change the entire outlook for my day.  I am grateful for this woman and her contrast towards me as it helps me focus on the now. Allowing me to find the place, tune into it and turn it into manifestation right before my eyes because I am in the moment because of my focus and my attention. What do I mean?? 

I felt slighted, that caused me to feel sad. I want to feel good, so I mediated on feeling good. Good with then come. What happened is someone came on board that wants to be here and grow with us. I love it... #lawofattraction works. Words mean nothing it is all a matter of vibration.  Getting this far in the Federal Government and Provincial has been a lot of hard work. I feel at times I  should quit, that no one cares about this but me. Then I realize it has not ever been done in Canada and there is a reason I am here doing it.  I feel good, and that  feeling good for the sake of feeling good keeps me going. Not because we will get the  Certificate Diploma but because getting there and the journey  cause me great pleasurer.  To have in place a Provincial Education program that helps Pagan be Pagans in  Theology and accepted as such is a lot of prep work and what gives us all  freedom.  Over the past 10 months our board has been slowly planning, building and maintaining the necessities for this adventure. 

These things include:

Setting up the Online Classes
Training Spiritual Directors
Creating Viable Sourced Curriculum
Working with NOC code regulations
Working with Vital Stat BC for  Ordination & Clergy

…and we are doing these things alone. Just the four of us and the community watching and seeing what happens.  And that folks is r-o-u-g-h. We are  being mocked, slandered and terrorized for the ideal we think and feel is what is needed in our community for spiritual accreditation. 

This has been quite the adventure and all while trying to cross things off of my list, both my paper and mental list for my home, my business and my family.  Today a fellow pagan reached out to ask how I was  getting along.  I was taken back, why? 

Because she wasn’t  asking to mock, it was a kind gesture that she was concerned for my mental health.  We are so concerned with our every day lives that we forget those simple acts of kindness can mean the world to someone. 

Let this be a lesson.   To all of us.

Yes. You may be having a rough patch in life, we all do, it’s life. Just remember that there is someone out there that is going through something rougher than you are.   Whatever the reason for their long, hard, frustrating day, just remember a small gesture from you can change their day. Completely. In its entirety. 

I firmly believe that daily piety of meditation when upset can  help the law of attraction and bless you in ways you will never know unless you are a meditator. 

Let the lesson to all of us be: 
Do small things. 
For anyone. For everyone. 
A stranger. A friend. 

Even people that you see every every day. Do it!

You won’t regret it and you could change their life, even if for a moment, it will put them in a better place.

It’s the small things folks… Bright Blessings from the Grove 

Friday, 24 July 2020

Friday's Overstock Online Sales

Friday' Overstock  Sale

Witch's Black Salt

20 ml $14.95

Made from sea salt, ritual charcoal from our solstice bonfire, see photos in the Okanagan Pagan Group.  Our potent blend also contains Sulphur, sage and a few other (non disclosed) items. 

Available for multiple use and for laying down lines around a property to form a protection barrier, for use as a protective talisman that can be placed on the altar or around the home (by the front door works particularly well),or uses as a personal protection charm.

Caution: not suitable for culinary use, do not consume.

By law Grove of the Red Dragon not for profit religious organization, is required to inform you of the following:

By visiting our page, you agree to the terms, conditions and policies outlined on this page, subject to change without notice. With purchase of this product you agree that you have read and agreed to the entire product description details, all terms, conditions, policies and agreements on this page and the webblog page under the tab Online Shopping. 

With purchase of this order you give your consent to the following and acknowledge that all magic and spell casting services, tarot reading and divination services, are for entertainment purposes only and should not be substituted for professional, legal, or medical advice. 

This item has been sold as a curio for entertainment purposes only. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase. 

No guarantees are offered at any time, despite results or outcomes. Please note that our  students (Neophytes & Acolytes) of the Metaphysical 101 Certificate Course and no spell or magical service is guaranteed to be 100% successful. 

We supply the imbued products you supply the desired will.  If the outcome of a spell or reading differs from the outcome you desired please reconsider leaving negative feedback and consider the time and effort that has gone into providing this service and the tools and cost of ingredients used. 

Grove of the Red Dragon prohibits and have the right to stop communication at any time and report if the Grove feel someone is taking advantage, testing, exuding negative behavior, or harassing the students. Facebook and our Google Webpage provides sellers the right to refuse and terminate communication, service, and continual services at any given time. All sales are final and no refunds are given at any time.

20 ml $14.99

© Grove of the Red Dragon 2019

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Overview ~ Autumn Tuition


Students will learn basic theory and skills, be introduced to key concepts, build a mutual language and share in fellowship with other students.

 As we progress through the Autumn and Winter Seasons  you will delve deeper into the subjects discussed, and  enjoy hands-on skill development and learn from other senior faculty.  

You will be provided with leadership training and further development that will allow you to reach out and share an aspect or aspects of your training for yourself and others.

LEADERSHIP ROLES: Available to Acolytes who have completed Met101

___ Welsh Indo European Theology 
___ Celtic ( World ) Language
___ Principles of Theology
___ Mythology Background & Interpretations
___ Spiritual Formation
___ Theological Writing ( Runes & Ogham) 

March through August 2021 $150.00 (certificate upon completion)

Metaphysical Identity & Spiritual Care Practice: Credit hours ( This course prepares
Spiritual Care students for their leadership roles in the Pagan Community.)

___ Meditation & Mindfulness 
___ Grimoire & Journal Work
___ Aromatherapy -Pendulum - Chakra Clearing 
___ Rite of Passage 
___ Keeping the Ways 
___ Personalizing the Path 
___ Tool Kit 

September through February 2020  $150.00  (certificate upon completion)

Available in the Class information 

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Community & Blogger Podcast Episodes

With the new changes in the WORLD and in my life I am beginning on a journey into hosting an online radio show. Until we find one that is compatible with our equipment we will be uploading links to listen that will not be live.

Statements or show topics are not necessarily the beliefs of the Pagan Community or Grove of the Red Dragon Not for Profit and opinions between talk show hosts may conflict.

As an individual I am setting things up today for my #selfcaresunday 

It is something that has been on my plate a long time especially with  trying my hand on the radio at West Kelowna Community Radio. I really enjoyed doing the weather and looked forward to taking more part in  it. However that was not to be. 

I will be shooting a Pilot Show sometime next month as we go into the harvest season. Our very first guest will be Lady Morgana Spier and Lord Lunar Wolf from the Star Sapphire Tradition.
The call in show will have its own number and run about 15 minutes. Stay tuned. You can keep yourself updated at the grove facebook page or watech for group postings. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Metaphysical 101 September 2020

Last 6 Months of Metaphysical 101 

We hope you have enjoyed the Metaphysical 101 part 1. 

Sadly we lost touch with the World shut down with Covid 19. Making  lessons harder to deal with.  As we finish up this module,  we are excited to share some of the students moving on to the next Course 

✧Metaphysical 101 September 2020  ✧

The home would have been a long house,  with the hall being the heart of the home. 

Centered around the fireplace where the women would have cooked and the men would have joined them. Socializing drinking their strong beer at the end of the work day. Where social and domestic activities took place. Much like the kitchens of today. ( Welcome in the Kitchen Witch)

September kicks off the agricultural Calendar as you would need to plow the fields and get the grain in the ground to harvest next summer.  Join us in the fun of Kitchen Witchery!

Tool Kit items
* Recipes - Forage Field Book 
* Spice kit  - Viles

Possible careers include:
Pagan Youth leader
Pagan Administrator / Spiritual Director 
Pagan Missionary - Pagan Clergy

North Glen Homestead - Lughnasadh Blessings

Good Morning,  I am human, with feelings that  allow me to be happy or sad. Yesterday I reached out to some fellow Pagans of Canada to find ...