Thursday, 20 February 2020

Bchelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science

Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy is the registered training for Grove of The Red Dragon to become Clergy;  

Are you interested in serving your community in a spiritual way? Contact our Board of Directors  for more information.

Our board of directors has begun and will continue  to create the curriculum needed for those seeking clergy status in Canada.

There will be; 

Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc., (6-12 months)

Master's Degree Spiritual Leadership M Div. (4-6 months)

Doctor of Metaphysical Counseling, Mc.D. (2 - 4months)

Doctor of Divinity, D.D., specializing in: Pastoral Counseling

Ordination (in the process) as we are working with BC Vital Statistics.  Stay Tuned. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Metaphysical 101 1 Year Course ~ Back to Basics

Metaphysical 101  

You will learn basic theory and skills, be introduced to key concepts, build a mutual language and share in fellowship with other students. As we progress through the year you will delve deeper into the subjects discussed, and  enjoy hands-on skill development and learn from other senior faculty.  You will be provided with leadership training and further development that will allow you to reach out and share an aspect or aspects of your training for yourself and others.

Tuition: $300.00 for 12 months 
              $25.00 per  module  per month

Classes take place the first Monday evening of each month. 
Classes will begin at 6 pm sharp and end on time at 9 pm.
Online course is available through full payment of $300.00

Homework will be assigned  as we work through each turn of the solar wheel and will require approximately 4 hour of study time per month. This may include personal reflection, conversation with others, reading, watching videos and practicing skills. You are welcome to further explore any subjects that interest you, but this is not mandatory during Metaphysical class.

Learn how to attune to solar and lunar cycles, celebrate seasonal Sabbats and acquire skills in magical practice. Classes take place in gentle ritual monthly .​

Leadership Roles;
You have the option to lead ritual, altar set up or  class meditation. 

by Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy. 

Aromatherapy 101
Reiki Level 1
Vibrational Essence 101
Meditation 101
Pendulum 101

With your new Certificates you can be a professional; 

šŸŒ›Spiritual Healer with 
Reiki 1 & Chakra Balancing, Pendulum 

Spiritual healers are the human angels who are channeling boundless, radiant healing love, light, sound, scent, and touch to those who are ready to realize their own beauty and wholeness. We are creating space for the healing and awakening of human consciousness on every level of being. The Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy studies provide a vast array of knowledge, tools, and support for you to fully develop your confidence and abilities if you are ready to do your work in the world.

If you are moved by the  basics of Metaphysics you can apply for the Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, B.Msc., that  takes 6 months to a year to complete with a Certificate in (A Touch for Health ) Kinesiology.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Reverend Traci's Druid Training

For those who are not sure of my training;  one path in the past was in ADF

In ADF we believe that excellence in clergy training and practice is vital for any healthy, growing religion. To that end we are attempting to create a professional clergy training program equal in difficulty and superior in results to anything done by the world's other religions. Unlike many alternate religions, we will never have "instant initiations" into our clergy.~ Isaac Bonewits

I still hold true to this and believe that though I am no longer part of the ADF the training was amazing as I learned a new way to look at my faith and path. Though some things have changed on my part. 

I believe the path toward clergy within Grove of the Red Dragon will not be an easy one, you can begin by purchasing your credentials with a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate Degree providing you are approved by the board of directors and study for the time it is given to complete the  3 year process. 

You must engage in the training programs and complete them. Our programs of study is built to a disciplined approach to what we feel is the basis of a representative of the Grove. This training is not by any faith or path other than your own. 

The steps are fairly simple:

Join as a member of  Grove of the Red Dragon

Complete the documentation and lessons for the Bachelor's Program  (which takes approximately 6 months of solid study).

Complete the documentation and lessons for the Master's Program (which takes approximately 4 months of solid study)

Complete the Doctorate dissertation with  the 10,000 word essay.

Complete the One year Clergy Training Program (roughly one year of  study). The clergy at this time would give you Pastoral Clergy without Vital Stat rights as civil servant until we are approved in 5 years. For more information see the About tab .

Friday, 20 December 2019

The Poplar Crowd

If you listen carefully, the poplar crowd will whisper to you of hedgerows  and magic.  A tale you two will spin of connection and flow, so close to water and yet upon the landscape.  The resin found in poplar buds (from ancient times has been called balm of Gilead) is a gummy, sweet-scented miracle.

Have you always desired to upgrade your apothecary skills and create a more soulful Grimoire that speaks to you .  Join  Chanter Reedwitch for a afternoon of foraging to get those creative juices flowing with salve making 101


Sunday, 30 December 2018

Red Dragon

Welcome to the Grove. 

This is a working story of the year 2020 -  2021

This web blog is for the sole purpose to share the new religious not for profit with the general community. 

A blog  about walking a spiritual walk and learning to walk at our own pace in our own spiritual way.  Thank you if you choose to follow in silence or with the Grove during the year ahead. 

Though we walk together we really do walk alone. As a new organization we welcome  new members as each lesson in life marks the path we take to fuller knowledge, lab work and lore.
Excited to continue into 2020 with joining the Kelowna General Hospital's Spiritual Care Coordinator program to benefit our members and the  Pagan umbrella with mentorship, helping people draw upon their own cultural, spiritual, and religious resources for wisdom, guidance, strength and healing as they journey through life stages.  

You can expect; 

  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for Diversity
  • A good listener
  • Caring Presence
  • Emotional Support
  • Spiritual Guidance
What we offer; 

  • Spiritual Counselling and Support
  • Grief and Loss Support
  • End of Life Care planning
  • Help with difficult decisions and ethical dilemmas
  • Liaison with spiritual care community resources
  • Religious/ Spiritual Practice, ceremonies, and rites of passage 

Contact us for more information.

Bchelor's Degree in Metaphysical Science

Root Chakra Reiki Training Academy is the registered training for Grove of The Red Dragon to become Clergy;   Are you interested in ...